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Daedalian Glass exhibits at The Surface Design Show 2014

For the forth year running the first week of February saw us showing our most recent and unique glass designs at the 2014 Surface Design Show, located in the Business Design Centre in London.  This year was the most comprehensive array of our flat glass designs we have exhibited, along with a 15 minute slide show of our most challenging and rewarding installations to date, many of which were not flat glass but cast, fused, slumped, glass handles and glass bowls – all pieces that we have developed and manufactured for bespoke projects but can repeat.

Below are photographs of the stand and the examples of glass that were on display.  Please get in touch if your would like any further information –




SDS14 Stand - whole


Lisle - splashback

SDS14 Stand - left

SDS14 Stand - right


Art Deco etching with silver and gold paint

SDS14 London Cityscape


McCready 1

London cityscape - close

Blue Spheres - close Blue Spheres Casey - close Casey Docler - silver anitique Eglomise - gold and white Etched Bubbles - back lit  Lisle - close Lisle - edge lit Lisle - side lit  Lisle Lisle-Y B2B - close Lisle-Y B2B   Mesh Washi Mirage - clear Mirage One Mystic Aria - close Mystic Aria Mystic

Squares - gold fb silver

Savoy Scales - gold on white

Etched Scales Shadow B&W - black face Shadow B&W - white face  Trevira


Private residence in Brompton, London

This large detached family home in central London has been a ongoing project that we have been involved in for some time.  Working closely with the interiors team several unique glass items have been designed exclusively for the project.

The stairwell screen – being a 5 storey home and having small children at the home a screen was required to prevent accidents over the bannister.  Daedalian proposed several optoins for the 2.5m high structure, going around the bannister with drawings and sampled several etched designs.  The chosen style was our Silver Birch design, originated for Daedalian by Cumbrian Artist Sue Parker.  The installation was a combination of mechanical fix and UV bonding and coordinated with the rest of the adjacent decorated finishes on schedule and to great effect, as the photographs below show.



En suite #2 – taking the design from the adjacent wall to the shower we originated a repeat pattern on the front and back of the screen, varying the depth of the etching to give multi layer effect.  We also responsible for installing the shower screen, once all other decorated finished had been completed.



Cheshire Residence – master en suite

We have worked with MCD – Michael Crane Design – for many years and most recently were asked to install a shower enclosure decorated with a derivative of SO9, one of our unique etched designs, originated in house.

The glass uses a polymer coating called Clearshield which makes the surface of the glass, including the etching, very easy to clean – key to a large wet room enclosure built with two sides of floor to ceiling glass. The door uses minimal frameless pivots and a simple stainless steel door nob.  The design was approved through technical drawings provided by Daedalian and installation was coordinated with the other tradesmen invovled in the refurbishment of the house in particular the Corian ceiling and mosaic tiles that the glass fits in to, all to schedule and on budget.




Daedalian Signage

Over the years we have produced many different types of signage but recently a house number was manufactured and installed using LED along the edge, catching the deep etching to great effect.  We were impressed with the result so much that we decided to renew the company signage on the driveway at our works in Lancashire.  The stainless fitting house the LEDs and were fabricated by our local ironmonger, as with many of our fittings for bespoke projects.


Private residence – en suite wet room

Using floor to ceiling glass and a strip of mirror across the length of one wall and removing a shower cubical, what was a modestly sized en suite has become a decent sized wet room.

The glass is laminated with a coloured interlayer to match the mosaic tiles and the design of the mosaic tiles is used as an etched modesty band across the shower screen, achieving variation in the etching by using both sides of the panel and multi depth sand blasting.

The window is a laminated fabric panel in a double glazed unit to match the laminated fabric pocket door, without the pocket – the door sits next to a partition glass wall also made of laminated fabric – cream coloured to offset the charcoal tiles and strong red colours.

This project was approved with sampling of the laminated colour and technical drawings of the en suite incorporating the glass features, provided by Daedalian and the glass was also installed by us.


London Skyline feature panel

This installatin was recently completed in the foyer of an apartment building in Paddington.  The client’s inital concept was for a sketched impression of the London skyline etched on glass.  The design was then originated in house by Daedalian’s designer, Davia Walmsley, developing the idea of a sketched city scape in to a highly detailed composition of London’s most recognisable buildings along the central banks of the Thames.  Sampling was then approved having used multi depth blasting, from deep carve to light shading, on both sides of the panel and new stenciling technology, previously unavailable in the market, to achieve very fine detail.  The etching created by sand blasting was done by hand by our senior glass technicians with the final piece being a stunning success and exceeding everyone’s expectations, being constantly commented on by residents and visitors to the building.

_SC_7056a _SC_7043


The pictures below show the panel during production which was a total of 128 hours of blasting time for the final panel and samples.  There was also a Clearshield polymer coating applied to the etched surfaces to ensure low maintenance for the cleaning of the panel.

Production close up - Mayor's building Produciton close up  - BB Production - complete Production - Shard Production - St Paul's

Headland Hotel

The last week of July saw the final phase of an installation in Newquay at the Headland Hotel, on the cliffs above Fistral Beach.  There were several items of glass that Daedalian supplied as part of the renovation of the hotel spa; two floor to ceiling kiln formed panels in the entrance hall, in our Largo design, a large five metre long cabinet built entirely with UV bonded joints in 10mm low iron glass, along with a door and side panel with crystal glass rod handles.  The door and side panel are ajoined with the cabinet and together they form two partitions around a treatment room.  As the pictures show, the expanse of the glass that makes up the cabinet is substantial and the largest piece of UV bonded furniture built by our team to date.  The drawers of the cabinet are in walnut and formed the base for the glass to be constructed on, piece by piece in situ, as it would’ve been too large to carry and the UV joints would’ve been too rigid under transit.  One of the main asthetic challenges in the construction of the cabinet was ensuring the 3 levels of shelves all lined through which was successfully achieved with a two millimetre difference from one end of the shelf to the other, across the five metres.  There were also doors hung making 5 seperate cabinets, with locks fitted, secured against the base.  The installation took a total of 2 weeks for 2 of our team, who made the most of the summer weather on Fistral while they were there.  Further photos will be availbale on the website once the spa is completed.

photo 1 (4) New Image New Image 1 New Image 2 New Image 3 New Image 4


Super Cannes – phase 2

The last two weeks saw Daedalian’s second phase installation at a large and stunning private residence in the hills of Cannes in Southern France.  There was a total of 1.7 tons of glass transported by a team of 4 which included; more frameless laminated fabric doors and screens, mirrors to cover an 11 metre section of wall in the dance studio, floor to ceiling, a bar back and top in coloured kiln formed and glass for extensive works in the spa.  The spa included cladding four 3 metre high pool columns, a UV bonded glass cubical and clading the feature wall of the spa.  Sadly there are still limited photos as the site still largely without lighting, but a portfolio of the work will be captured once complete.  The UK owner who visited site during this phase was so impressed by our work that there is now a thrid phase in discussion with a visit likely in June.  Unlike phase one, there was certainly no arctic weather on this trip with the team enjoying lunch pool side overlooking the bay of Cannes and the 1100 mile drive one way, saw the team stopping over in Reims where ther managed to briefly visit the town’s impressive cathedral  – volunteers not required for phase three.

A.Alang dance studio spa pool columns view of the bay


Super Cannes

Last week saw Daedalian’s first phase installation at a large and stunning private residence in the hills of Cannes in Southern France.  There were a mixture of frameless bathroom doors and screens using laminated material in various colours with the house emblem etched on the doors and mirrors throughout the property.  The final site survey was also taken for phase two works due to begin in late Feb, early March.  The 2200 mile round trip certainly put the fitters through their paces and sadly the arctic weather followed them all the way down to the med with snow falling in Cannes during the visit – hopefully they’ll be packing their speedos next time!

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